Setting Boundaries: Identifying the Non-negotiables for Your Personal Training Business

Manage Overwhelm by Setting Boundaries

Defining the “Must-Haves” is Step One

A Plan to Support the Must-Haves

  1. Post them. In other words, write them down formally as an agreement with yourself. Place them somewhere visible.
  2. Review them regularly. You will find as your business grows, your rules may change (much like your philosophy and perspective). It is all part of the growing process, so it stands to reason that your rules might change. Ask if the rules you have are still applicable based on how your business has changed.
  3. Communicate them. Clients need to know your boundaries. A lack of boundaries invites additional layers of stress. I recommend placing the non-negotiables in a client welcome packet or as part of your client intake process. Consider posting a note on your website or in your contact form that gives clients an expectation of response time should they try to contact you after working hours.
  4. Share them with your team. This rule may not apply if you are working solo and do not have contracted professionals within your business structure. If you are a sole owner, consider your team as your family and friends. Sharing your boundaries adds a measure of accountability and allows those on our “team” to keep us in check if we start to bend a rule.



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Erin Dollison Nitschke

Erin Dollison Nitschke


Passionate college educator, writer, and health and fitness professional. I am an NFPT-CPT, NSCA-CPT, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE Health Coach, & Pn1.