The Nutrisense Tool: Monitoring Blood Sugar

Why Blood Sugar Matters

There is confusion around the concept of blood sugar — not what it is, but why it’s important and more specifically, who it’s important for. Common thinking is that if an individual is pre-diabetic or has diabetes, blood sugar should be monitored and tightly controlled to promote reversal of the condition or to manage the condition effectively. The truth is blood sugar is an important biological response and it can tell us quite about a person’s dietary balance and aid in understanding (and overcoming) barriers to weight and fat loss.

A Worthy Tool

To change an individual’s metabolic health and functionality, data is necessary as it reveals patterns that may require intervention. Nutrisense is one tool that can provide such data.

How it Works

Nutrisense uses a small device that is worn on the back of the arm. It does use a small micro-needle to collect blood sugar data, however, the use of the device is foolproof and because it continually monitors glucose levels, consistent patterns and body responses are recorded. One of the best parts of this tool and system is that individuals are guided in a personalized fashion by a dietitian (not someone who claims to be a “guru”). It is a subscription system, which means individuals register and sign up for the service, which is tailored by the goal the individual wants to achieve. The goals can range from learning about what to eat to optimizing well-being.

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Erin Dollison Nitschke

Erin Dollison Nitschke


Passionate college educator, writer, and health and fitness professional. I am an NFPT-CPT, NSCA-CPT, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE Health Coach, & Pn1.